During the year, one of our member bead shops hosts a Bead Rendezvous where SJBS Members gather to bead, chat , share ideas and learn.  The shop owners usually offer a free class or special discounts as well as their beading expertise. **(see below for important info). You must be a member to participate  
     Please see the Calendar for current listings

    **Please remember that the Bead Rendezvous events are a courtesy extended to the SJBS by the shop owners to give us a FREE place to gather, chat, and bead. Any activities and/or sales offered owners are at their discretion. However, members are by no means required to participate in the planned activity and/or make any purchases from the hosting shop. Conversely, the hosting shop is not required to offer free classes or special sales to our membership. Again, these are courtesies! Members are always welcome to bring their own projects to the Bead Rendezvous.


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